Desert Heat

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: May 2014

Duration: 9 hours 1 minutes


Singer Bethany Amaya doesn't have time for love. Between three jobs and worrying about her family, she barely has time to eat. Besides she can't possibly bring a man into her already complicated life. Detective Damian Santiago doesn't have time for foolishness. Thanks to his job, he can quickly determine who is worth dating and who isn't. But in just a few minutes fate brings these two together, leaving a lasting impression on them both. A few mind-blowing kisses later, and Bethany knows she's in trouble. A whirlwind romance at the worst possible time in her life isn't what she needs. But she never expected to fall in love so quickly. Problems from her past could threaten everything, and Damian is starting to get suspicious, she can see it in his eyes. If she doesn't fix things quickly, Damian may never forgive her.