The Desert Spear

Written by:
Peter V. Brett
Narrated by:
Peter Bradbury

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2010
26 hours 11 minutes
Peter Brett's The Desert Spear continues the post-apocalyptic adventure he began in his highly acclaimed debut, The Warded Man. The world remains under siege by demonkind stalking the land when the sun goes down. But a new hero has risen from the desert. Claiming to be the mythical Deliverer, Ahmann Jardir now rides alongside the allied desert tribes of Krasia. Jardir and his fellows are on an epic quest to vanquish the demons plaguing the world and bring humanity back from the brink of extinction.
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Jason B.

Fascinating story is sharply undermined by the ridiculous amount of gratuitous and unnecessary sexual content.

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Swift G.

I loved Renna's character!

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christopher bundy

at first, I thought it was from a different perspective from the first book. but as I listened, it definitely wasn't, and it's good, so far.

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Really enjoying this series so much.

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Loved it. Really really good books

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Love this series. I really love how every important character has a back story throughout these books so far. Kind of obsessed. Would love this to be turned into a tv series.

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Loved it, despite some repetition from the first novel. Fascinating world!!

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I couldn't have asked for a better sequel to The Warded Man! There's no way I'm waiting a month for my next book in this series. I got to keep this series going now! I'll easily pay ASAP for the 3rd book. Best books in this genre that I've gotten through in decades!

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Just S.

dang this was better than I expected

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Bob Seabrook

very good pulling you in making you interested in the characters very good premise with the demons and how all that works if you like fantasy you should at least g check this series out

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Aaron T.

sequels don't normally hold up to the original, but enjoyed to the end.

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Daniel Hubbs

fantastic series! I loved it.

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Mark D.

Great, filled out the characters with background, and compelled the storyline forward, wonderfully. The narrator keeps is a true page Turner.

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Patrick T

Please spare your self and stop after the fist book I can not even finish this one

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Preston Locker

Awesome, really good!! I have really enjoyed it!!

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Kate Buckley

This is a great series. The narrator is fantastic. The magic and worldbuilding are superb. The only thing keeping it from a 5 star for the book is that I've read books I love more and they are a high standard: Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastards, Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles, and Sanderson's Stormlight Archives.

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