The Devil in Pew Number Seven: A True Story

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Rebecca Nichols Alonzo, Bob DeMoss

Narrated By: Pam Ward

Publisher: Christian Audio

Date: December 2010

Duration: 9 hours 4 minutes


Rebecca never felt safe as a child. In 1969, her father, Robert Nichols, moved to Sellerstown, North Carolina, to serve as a pastor. There he found a small community eager to welcome him—with one exception. Glaring at him from pew number seven was a man obsessed with controlling the church. Determined to get rid of anyone who stood in his way, he unleashed a plan of terror that was more devastating and violent than the Nichols family could have ever imagined. Refusing to be driven away by acts of intimidation, Rebecca's father stood his ground until one night when an armed man walked into the family's kitchen . . . and Rebecca's life was shattered. If anyone had a reason to harbor hatred and seek personal revenge, it would be Rebecca. Yet The Devil in Pew Number Seven tells a different story. It is the amazing true saga of relentless persecution, one family's faith and courage in the face of it, and a daughter whose parents taught her the power of forgiveness.


  • Jessica M

    This book was absolutely amazing. Really made me think. The narrator was fantastic too. Not to monotone and not overly done either. I could literally picture the words being spoken coming to life. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • MArie Hibner

    Would love to meet Rebecka! Enjoyed the book a lot!