Dialectical Behavior Therapy Mastery: Emotion Regulation, How to Treat Depression, Phobies, Negative Thinking and Panic

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Mastery: Emotion Regulation, How to Treat Depression, Phobies, Negative Thinking and Panic

Written by:
Cindy F. Crosby
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
3 hours 10 minutes
Developed for the treatment of borderline personality disorder, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) has proven to be effective as a treatment for a variety of other mental health problems, particularly those marked by overwhelming emotions. Research shows that DBT can boost the ability to manage anxiety without losing control and behaving destructively. To order to make use of these strategies, you need to develop skills to four key areas: sensitivity to stress, mindfulness, control of emotions, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Start by working on the introductory exercises and move on to the advanced skills chapters after making progress. Whether you are a qualified reader or a general reader, whether you use this book to support the work undertaken in therapy or as a basis for self-help, you will benefit from this simple and practical guide to better manage your emotions.

What You Will Learn:

- What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Dbt)?   
- Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training
- Benefits Of Dbt, Who Benefits From Dbt Skills Training?
- History Of Dbt
- Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (Dbt) Vs.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Cbt)
- How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Dbt Works?
- Is Dbt Right For You?
- How To Manage Anxiety Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy
- Mindfulness
- How Is Meditation Consistent With Dbt And Cbt?
- Mindfulness Complements Traditional Approaches To Counselling And Therapy.
- Mindfulness In Dbt. What Does Mindfulness Have To Do With Dbt?  
- Core Mindfulness
- Distress Tolerance In Dialectical Behavior Therapy
- Using Distress Tolerance To Manage Intense Emotions
- Emotional Regulation: What Happens When Someone Can't Regulate Their Emotions?

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Very basic. No deeper insight or added value.

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Shannon S.

Narration ruins the content

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Roseline R.

This workbook, with its examples and exercises, provides many opportunities for anyone who has intense emotions to practice skills that will enhance their ability to manage their lives more effectively. I highly recommend it to anyone who has intense emotions, to clinicians, and to family members.

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Phillip L.

This updated manual provides a road map and step-by-step instructions for enhancing emotional well-being. It is easy to read and easy to use—with new techniques focusing on increasing compassion towards the self and others, and novel strategies for dealing with intense emotions. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with regulating emotions or interested in improving their emotional intelligence

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Toney L.

While staying true to the DBT model, the authors go beyond Linehan to synthesize adaptations of research and clinical instruments useful for both home and clinic. I was particularly impressed with their inclusion of exposure-based cognitive rehearsal, so the user deals with intense emotions in the moment.

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The authors have produced yet another example of accessible and clear instructions for those coping with overwhelming emotions like guilt, anger, shame, and anxiety. The acronyms used are simple and easy to remember. The many examples and exercises in the book assist the reader to do the work that DBT demands.

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Dr A.

Those who apply themselves to the program outlined in this book will acquire the skills necessary to experience strong emotions without resorting to behavior patterns that harm relationships and decrease quality of life. DBT skills, used daily as directed, change lives for the better

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Renaissance R.

For people who struggle with intense, painful emotions, this workbook is a great resource. It teaches the skills of DBT, including the newest skills, and provides examples and exercises to strengthen learning.

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Gambler J.

In this book, you will find just that! Even after using, teaching, researching, and writing about DBT concepts for more than a decade, I now have a richer understanding of DBT that I am excited to try on myself.

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Starling J.

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook, a collaborative effort from three esteemed authors, offers evidence-based, step-by-step exercises for learning these concepts and putting them to work for real and lasting change.

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