The Difference Engine

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Bruce Sterling, William Gibson

Narrated By: Simon Vance

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: November 2010

Duration: 14 hours 22 minutes


The Difference Engine is an alternate history novel by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. It is a prime example of the steampunk sub-genre; It posits a Victorian Britain in which great technological and social change has occurred after entrepreneurial inventor Charles Babbage succeeded in his ambition to build a mechanical computer called Engines. The fierce summer heat and pollution have driven the ruling class out of London and the resulting anarchy allows technology-hating Luddites to challenge the intellectual elite. A set of perforated punch cards come into the hands of the daughter of an executed Luddite leader who sets out to keep them safe and discover what secrets they contain.


  • Bchandler

    If you like steam punk, this seems, in the beginning, to be a good. But then you start waiting for it to make a point or tie some of the loose strings together. BUT, it never does. It ends, and you're left wondering what all that was about. It introduces characters, then abandons them, starts with one style (multiple "iterations"), then drops that style too. Its as though this were written over several years and the author forgot what he'd done in the beginning. Don't bother with this one, it will leave you feeling like you've wasted your time - and you will have....

  • VLibrarian

    I count both authors in my top 50 list, and yet this book almost had me driving off the road in a bored paralysis. I didn't even finish it. Stay with Cyber punk and leave out the Steam.

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by Bruce Sterling, William Gibson

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Difference Engine, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson