Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition

Written by:
Jack Trout
Narrated by:
John Lescault

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2010
6 hours 18 minutes
In today's ultra-competitive world, the average supermarket has forty thousand brand items on its shelves. Car shoppers can wander through the showrooms of over twenty auto makers. Differentiating products today is more challenging than at any time in history, yet it remains a key to a company's survival, the heart of successful marketing.

In Differentiate or Die, bestselling author Jack Trout takes marketers to task for taking the easy route of high-tech razzle-dazzle and sleight of hand instead of working to discover and market their product's uniquely valuable qualities. He examines successful differentiation initiatives from giants like Dell Computer, Southwest Airlines, and Walmart to smaller success stories like Streit's Matzoh and Connecticut's tiny Trinity College to determine why some marketers succeed while others struggle and fail. The author outlines the many ways to achieve differentiation, while also warning of how difficult it is to achieve differentiation by being creative, cheap, customer oriented, or quality driven—things that your competitor can do as well.

Carve out your own image in a crowded marketplace. This book can help.
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David T

The book was originally released in 2001. So while much of the book has relevance and is still true today, several significant chapters have been shown to be inaccurate (if you consider success of the all-in-one iPhone, as well as the demise of Yellow Pages newspapers cassettes and the like). So, A revision or new edition might be appropriate. The narrator is okay but fairly monotone. I would've liked the general concepts of the book to be summarized. While the author summarizes many of the CEOs with updates, an action item list or summary of ways to differentiate would be appreciated.

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Lisa McQuade

Excellent book. teaches with stories of companies that we can all have relate with

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david watkins

Twice as good the second time. Excellent book that really gets you thinking.

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