Digital Pilgrims: Towards a Quantum Humanity

Digital Pilgrims: Towards a Quantum Humanity

Written by:
Adrián Sicilia
Narrated by:
Jennifer Moule
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
4 hours 41 minutes
The present has the texture of the future. Hyper-digitalization has made all questions outdated, especially: what are we going to do? For decades, we have been inhabiting and moving within the Digital Environment. Today, the unavoidable question is: what and who are we going to be?

Digital Pilgrims proposes novel and urgent debates for a society that has been digitalizing itself for over fifty years. Our coexistence with mature artificial intelligences demands definitions. We are cyborgs moving in environments that exceed time and space, humans in search of meaning for this quantum reality. 

It is not difficult to speculate about possible futures; the real challenge is to find a path forward in the face of the singularity that is starting to reveal itself, and in the face of the social impact we are just beginning to see. In the middle of the explosion, this book outlines the debates we cannot put off any longer. There are no answers here but rather a guide for us to finally discuss how to orient ourselves on this dizzying voyage.
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