Written by:
Michael Crichton
Narrated by:
John Lithgow

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2000
4 hours 0 minutes
A brutal struggle in the cutthroat computer industry; a shattering psychological game of cat and mouse; an accusation of sexual harassment that threatens to derail a brilliant career...this is the electrifying core of Michael Crichton's new novel, the first since Rising Sun.

At the center: Tom Sanders, an up-and-coming executive with DigiCom in Seattle, a man whose corporate future is certain. Until: after a closed-door meeting with his new boss -- a woman who was his lover ten years before, a woman who has been promoted to the position he expected to have -- he is accused of sexually harassing her. Now he finds himself trapped between what he knows to be true and what he knows others will assume to be the truth. And, as he uncovers an electronic trail into the company's secrets, he begins to grasp just how cynical and manipulative an abuse of truth has actually occurred...

Tackling one of the most divisive issues of our time, Disclosure compels us to see beyond our traditional responses. It is Michael Crichton at his best.

Michael Crichton's novels include The Terminal Man, Congo, Sphere, Jurassic Park, and Rising Sun.
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Jerzy M.

The novel was very nice and had a good flow. Pity there's only this abridged version of the audiobook on the market - while it has all the necessary bits for the narrative to appear continuous, you can definitely tell some of the longer passages were cut down making the whole thing sound less Critonesque than you'd expect - more like an action movie with a very dynamic montage. I didn't particularly enjoy the narrator's accent, but that's down to personal preference. The recording is more quiet than most other audiobooks, with uneven volume levels - had to fiddle with the equaliser and amplification on my device, and even so had a hard time discerning all words in a loud environment, especially the fragments where the narrator was speaking in a very low voice and not with his best articulation.

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