Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Twin Sisters IP

Date: January 2013

Duration: 0 hours 52 minutes


Music, rhythm, and cool melodies help kids master and review strategies for division. Includes songs that teach how to make a "fact family" and to "think multiplication" when computing division facts. Learn divisors and quotients for the facts 0-9.
Track List:
1. Division Terminology
2. Rules Of Zero
3. Any Number At All : Dividing by 0
4. It Always Equals One : Dividing by Same Number
5. Just Cut It In Half : Dividing by 2
6. We're Part Of The Same Family : Division
7. We're Learning To Divide And Multiply
8. Don't You Agree? : Dividing by 3
9. Let's Explore The Facts Of Four : Dividing by 4
10. Hey, Do You Know? : Dividing by 5
11. It's The Only Way : Dividing by 6
12. The Quotient Is Seven : Dividing by 7
13. A Little Bit Of Music : Dividing by 8
14. The Fabulous Facts of Nine : Dividing by 9
Runtime: 51:57:00



by Twin Sisters Productions

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