Divorce 8 Audiobook Collection: The Best Solutions for Everyone!

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Simply Magazine

Date: April 2013

Duration: 5 hours 42 minutes


Divorce-The Best Solutions for everyone was created and written by Sam Margulies, noted mediator, PHD in Psychology, and Divorce Lawyer. Sam has seen it all in over 2000 cases and presents his best ideas to make divorce work for all stakeholders. Sam emphasizes that over 95% of divorces settle so people should prepare for settlement rather than litigation, keeping the parties in a reasonably amicable mood and delivering a fairer & cheaper result. Sam covers this in 8 concise titles: Fixing a Bad Divorce, Children, Coparenting, How to Hire a Lawyer, The Psychology & Work of It, 6 Myths of Divorce & How to Fix Them, Prenuptial Agreements, and Winter & Summer Marriage & Divorce. A remarkable work by a caring, but tough, reasonable and cost conscious advocate for those in the trouble times of divorce. Most importantly, he points the parties to the future and focuses on what do they want then?