Do the Work

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Steven Pressfield

Narrated By: Steven Pressfield

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: April 2011

Duration: 1 hours 26 minutes


Do the Work Our enemy is not lack of preparation; it's not the difficulty of the project, or the state of the marketplace or the emptiness of our bank account. The enemy is resistance. The enemy is our chattering brain, which, if we give it so much as a nanosecond, will start producing excuses, alibis, transparent self-justifications and a million reasons why he can't/shouldn't/won't do what we know we need to do. Start before you're ready.


  • Sarah Dupuy

    Great book which really just demands that we cut through the bull and do what our soul has called us to do. It is a call to action in spite internal and external would be sabators. If your looking for a proverbial kick in the ass to get it started and get it done..then please listen to this!