Doctor Who: Warriors Of The Deep (TV Soundtrack)

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Unabridged Audiobook

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January 2008
1 hour 50 minutes
'Revive the warriors!' The TARDIS materialises inside Sea Base Four, which lies on one of Earth's ocean beds in the year 2084. The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough quickly run into trouble, as the base's personnel suspect them of belonging to an enemy power bloc. Nearby, a group of Silurian reptiles - who inhabited Earth centuries before mankind - are reviving some of their Sea Devil cousins after an over-long hibernation. The intention of these combined forces is to attack Sea Base Four and provoke a war between the rival human governments. The Doctor remembers the carnage the ensued when the intelligent reptiles encountered humans previously, and he is determined to prevent it happening again. But the Silurians are also resolved that, this time, they will not be chased out of their rightful place as rulers of the planet... In an additional bonus interview Janet Fielding, who also provides linking narration for the story, recalls making Warriors of the Deep for television.
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