Does self-knowledge come through searching?: Ojai 1949 - Public Talk 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: M-Y Books

Date: November 2015

Duration: 0 hours 58 minutes


1. Does self-knowledge come through searching? - 16 July 1949

- What is it that most of us are seeking?
- Does clarity come through searching and trying to find out what others say?
- Can incessant search and longing give you the extraordinary sense of reality or creative being that comes when you really understand yourself?
- Without knowing your background and the substance of your thought, whereit comes from, surely your search is utterly futile and your action has no meaning.
- The responsibility for any action depends on ourselves, not on others.
- Q: Do I have to be at any special level of consciousness to understand you?
- Q: The movement of life is experienced in relationship to people and to ideas.