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Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Steven Tyler

Narrated By: Jeremy Davidson

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: May 2011

Duration: 13 hours 5 minutes


"I've been mythicized, Mick-icized, eulogized and fooligized, I've been Cole-Portered and farmer's-daughtered, I've been Led Zepped and 12-stepped. I'm a rhyming fool and so cool that me, Fritz the Cat, and Mohair Sam are the baddest cats that am. I have so many outrageous stories, too many, and I'm gonna tell 'em all. All the unexpurgated, brain-jangling tales of debauchery, sex & drugs, transcendence & chemical dependence you will ever want to hear."

The son of a classical pianist straight out of the Bronx of old Archie comics, Steven Tyler was born to be a rock star. Weaned on Cole Porter, Nat King Cole, Mick—and his beloved Janis Joplin—Tyler began tearing up the streets and the stage as a teenager before finally meeting his "mutant twin" and legendary partner Joe Perry. In this addictively readable memoir, told in the playful, poetic voice that is uniquely his own, Tyler unabashedly recounts the meteoric rise, fall, and rise of Aerosmith over the last three decades and riffs on the music that gives it all meaning.

Tyler tells what it's like to be a living legend and the frontman of one of the world's most revered and infamous bands—the debauchery, the money, the notoriety, the fights, the motels and hotels, the elevators, limos, buses and jets, the rehab. He reveals the spiritual side that "gets lost behind the stereotype of the Sex Guy, the Drug Guy, the Demon of Screamin', the Terror of the Tropicana." And he talks about his epic romantic life and his relationship with his four children. As dazzling, bold, and out-on-the-edge as the man himself, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? is an all-access backstage pass into this extraordinary showman's life.


  • Anonymous

    WEAK! I happened to listen to this book right after hearing Keith Richard's book, "Life". I really like both rock stars, but think they should stick to rock and leave literature well enough alone! This book was just self serving drivel! Tyler discusses his drug use and sex life as if it were so totally cool and he was really in control of it the whole time. He never seemed to be ashamed about abusing drugs or having sex with a bazillion bimbos while he was married. But now, of course, he's clean and sober.... He discusses his song writing and music as if he assumes that we all know everyone who he admired, or as if we know every song he ever wrote, listened to or admired. After reading this book, I just had the feeling that Steven should get over himself! DON"T READ IT!

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  • Anonymous

    Stephen's book was honest - maybe a little too honest. It mainly focused on his abuse of drugs over the years and his trysts with many women. I honestly do not know how he is alive today given the abuse his body has endured. I love his music, don't get me wrong - but now I have a different view of the person. Dream on .........

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