Dog Training Audiobooks Bundle: How to Train Your Doggy Essential Commands

Narrated by:
Matt Montanez

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
1 hour 46 minutes
Now, for the first time ever, and only for a limited time, you can get this value-priced, limited edition box set.

The Dog Training Audiobooks Bundle includes two best-selling audiobooks from My Ebook Publishing House.

Audiobook #1: The Best Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

Dogs are truly man's best friend. Through the positive training methods in this book, dog owners can enjoy teaching tricks to their dogs. Dog tricks are the best way to have fun and bond with your dogs at the same time. Dog owners can teach from simple to complex tricks by which dog and owner can share quality time together. Your dog will surely gain much confidence as he learns to amaze you and his intelligence will develop as he learns new tricks.

Audiobook #2: Dog Training Guide: Essential Skills for an Amazingly Well Trained and Obedient Dog

A fast start, easy to follow training guide that will have your dog obeying commands and fully trained and well-behaved in a record time! Dog Training doesn't need to be difficult, frustrating or something only professionals can do.

The best way to teach is through positive training because its what keeps your dog listening and interested. Dog learn best when they want to learn. This book shows you how to optimize your dog's energy to create constructive behavior.

This friendly guide shows you how to select the right training method for your dog, based on his unique personality, to reach your desired goals.
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