Don't Call Me Mrs Rogers: Love, Loathing and Our Epic Drive Around the World

Written by:
Paige Parker
Narrated by:
Paige Parker
VIP Reward

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
7 hours 58 minutes
At the turn of the millennium, American-born Paige Parker and investment guru Jim Rogers spend three years—1,101 days to be exact—driving over six continents in their 'sunburst yellow' coupe and trailer, ultimately setting a Guinness World Record. During the epic journey, Paige's world view is turned upside down, eventually leading her and her family to their ideal home in Singapore.

On the road trip, she meets women from every walk of life, inspiring monks in China, boy soldiers in Angola and oppressive patriarchy in too many countries, yet she walks away with a profound faith in humankind. She now wants to pass the lessons from the road to her two daughters, to women everywhere and to all intrepid travellers.
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