Don't Drop the Mic: The Power of Your Words Can Change the World

Written by:
T. D. Jakes
Narrated by:
Brad Sanders , T. D. Jakes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
10 hours 29 minutes
Communicate boldly and effectively like never before with the help and guidance of a #1 New York Times bestselling author and trusted Bishop.

In Don't Drop the Mic, Bishop Jakes speaks to readers about communication and how the ways we speak and interact with others can be part of our everyday ministries. He helps readers understand:
- Why the way we speak and the words we use matter
- How speaking well, no matter your topic or audience, improves your chances of getting the result you want
- How to craft your message, whether it's a simple email or a speech under the spotlights, to connect with listeners
- Why good communication is important for building connection and community
- How sharing God's Word produces abundant fruit

​Drawing lessons from Scripture and his own life, Jakes gives career advice for those who have or want to grow into a speaking career, but he also provides clear direction and insight for everyone who gives presentations, writes emails, or talks to other people in their job or home life.

There will be practical advice about how to craft insightful and meaningful communications, but the heart of this book is really about how we can communicate more clearly to build community and share the hope of Christ in our everyday lives.

The more adept we become at using all available resources to convey our message, the greater our impact. From lovers to litigators, entrepreneurs to entertainers, and bloggers to board members, we all want to communicate more effectively, intimately, and efficiently. Whether you're interviewing for a new position, proposing a new business plan, auditioning for a performance, delivering a report for your committee, teaching Sunday school, or sharing your heart with a loved one, this book will help.
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Liswaniso S.

Very timely write up for this generation of ministers

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Michael G.

I thought this book revealed much to me about myself and the openness of the author is just amazing. The pace of the book is perfect and the content beautifully engaging. There are things I do not agree with and do not like, but these are personal perspectives that cannot take away from this book. This is most probably the 3rd or even 2nd best book I've encountered. In fact I will now go and buy the physical book to make notes in.

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James K.

Was supposed to be a book on communicating well, and he did a pretty good job at that. The problem was that he just could not stay away from his soap box issues. He got caught up in his rants and that definitely detracted from the topic. He even ended up doing in his rants what he spoke against doing in communicating well.

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Simply Brilll

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