The Download

Written by:
R.E. Carr
Narrated by:
Andrea Emmes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
14 hours 10 minutes
It's not every day that your roommate accidentally teleports you across time and space, but Jennifer MacDonald is not having an ordinary day. A chance encounter with a custom-built computer and an ancient pyramid sends Jennifer to a faraway land with six warring civilizations and an ancient prophecy that has a visitor from the stars at its heart. All she has to do is unseal one measly, missing god.

Now the fate of an alien world is in the hands of a gal who's never landed a steady job or boyfriend, but at least she has watched a few years' worth of archeology documentaries. Hopefully that will be enough to get by, since it seems like most of Earth's lost civilizations ended up stranded in this extraterrestrial zoo too. Also, there is the trivial matter of a Mayan assassin sent to kill her . . .

We are all our own worst enemies, but maybe Jennifer has a chance to break that mold.
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