The Dragon Assassin's Mates: The High Garden Dragons 4

Written by:
C.K. Noel
Narrated by:
Aaron Ross

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
3 hours 59 minutes
Three entangled fates; one powerful love…
Bailey Wheeler has received some devastating news; he only has three months to live. Unwilling to be a burden, he breaks up with his love, Carson.

Carson Matthews has a secret. A secret he’s hidden from the man he loves and a secret that could cost him everything… he’s a vampire.

Dragon shifter Lord Alexios Dranin is a leader among his people. He leads the black caste dragons, the assassins of the dragon world. Despite being a killing machine, Alex has always wanted to find his Cardia—his heart.

Circumstance brings the men to Club Renegade, and three things quickly become apparent: Bailey and Carson are both Alex’s heart. Carson is to help Alex kill the witch Harper in service to the dragon king. And wooing Bailey is going to be no easy task.

What can go wrong when two alpha males try to court Bailey while attempting to track and kill a witch?
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