Dragon Mated

Dragon Mated

Narrated by:
Victoria Mei
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
8 hours 53 minutes
Andi knew taking a chance on love with a dragon might be a risk, but she never guessed that the greatest threat would come from herself.

As a human, falling in love with a dragon shifter was always going to end in tears. Damian Blackwood’s dangerous world of magic and assassins was never going to be safe for a mere human night nurse like Andi. But she couldn’t have predicted that the darkest secrets would come from her own family. Secrets so devastating that they change everything for Andi and the man she loves. Her dragon mate.

Andi will do whatever it takes to protect him, even if it means destroying their love.

Even if it destroys her, too.

NOTE: This is the final book in the Prince of the Otherworld series! Happily Ever After guaranteed! Talking magical cat included!
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Yolandé B.

Thoroughly enjoyed the series. Characters are well developed and story line is fast paced enough to keep one up till all hours. The narrator is truly A class. But... What the hell Kara?! How on earth (or any of the realms for that matter) can this be the last book in the series? There's enough loose strings flapping in the breeze to justify at least another 2 books. I mean, what's up with the crystal heart & what will happen with it now in Damian's hands? Not to mention the demon-dog thing in Andi's nightmares; which is clearly D's stepmom's guardian familiar. Dreams can be prophetic you know - will she come to town or send the familiar to retrieve Ryana? Then there's the realms joining apocalypse event on the horizon?! We need more!

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