Dream More

Dream More

Written by:
Dolly Parton
Narrated by:
Dolly Parton

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
November 2012
1 hour 26 minutes
Expanding on the hugely popular graduation speech that Dolly Parton gave at the University of Tennessee, Dream More explores the personal philosophy this much-loved artist has forged over the course of her astonishing career as a singer, songwriter, performer and philanthropist.

In this thought-provoking book, Dolly Parton draws on her childhood experiences growing up in the hills of eastern Tennessee and her life as the iconic performer she is today, as she encourages us all to …

Dream more
Learn more
Care more … and
Be more

Honest and uplifting, Dream More is an inspiring anthem for anyone who wants to take charge of their life and forge a brighter future on their own terms.
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Tenaya Jackson

I just love everything about Dolly Parton. I can listen to this woman talk for days on end and never get tired of hearing her voice. Thank you Dolly.

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Her advice is very simple, but Dolly's bubbly personality shines through in her words and narration of this book.

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