The Druid Made Me Do It

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: May 2016

Duration: 11 hours 16 minutes


Sometimes it's good to be guilty....

It's all fun & games...

Dark, powerful, sexy Kane. He has many names, but in truth he is Robin Goodfellow, the one-time favored son of Oberon, King of Faery. For centuries he's worked his magic, seducing and pleasuring women as befits his puca nature. But Kane made one big mistake-punishing his brother for a crime he did not commit.

Until somebody loses a guy.

Oh yeah, he also left Dr. Janelle Corrington after the most amazing night of her life. Their lovemaking was brief, intense...and a one-night stand. While she'd established what she thought was a soul connection that could occur only once in any lifetime, he was simply having sex. Why else would he have disappeared without a word? That's why the Druid circle's punishment for Kane's other crime is so delicious: for him to be Janelle's ward, to make amends to all he harmed, and to take responsibility for his actions. Finally, Kane would have to take things seriously. And only true love would be rewarded.

The Druid Made Me Do It is the exciting sequel to Pandora's Box by Natale Stenzel!


Druid Made Me Do It

by Natale Stenzel, Natale Nogosek Stenzel

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Druid Made Me Do It, Natale Stenzel, Natale Nogosek Stenzel