An Echo in the Bone

#7 of Outlander
Written by:
Diana Gabaldon
Narrated by:
Davina Porter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2009
45 hours 57 minutes
This seventh novel in author Diana Gabaldon's immensely popular Outlander saga takes listeners on a thrilling journey to 1777 America. Jamie Fraser knows from his time-traveling wife Claire that, no matter how unlikely it seems, America will win the Revolutionary War. But fighting for the eventual winner is no guarantee of safety. And worse still, the possibility of pointing a weapon at his own son-a young officer in the British army-haunts Jamie's every thought.
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Christie S.

I have been a Diana Gabaldon fan for years. This is the first time I was disappointed at the end of a book of hers. I am happy that obviously there will be another book in the series, but feel that there was not one single resolution to any of the subplots in this book (with the possible exception to the death of a beloved character). I am looking forward to seeing to what happens (to everyone) in the next novel.

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Patti B

I love all of Diana Gabaldon books..... This one is just as good. She leaves a lot of unanswered questions. But know the answers are coming in the next book.

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Yasmeen K.

I love this author, narration is wonderful.

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Another amazing book in the series... I love the complex characters and rhe amazing backstories as well as the authentical historical background!

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Carol M

I enjoyed this more than the previous two as the descriptions where less biological (and anatomical). Back to wonderfully rich descriptions of scenes and characters. Davina Porter remains the best narrator I have ever heard. I do listen at 1.25 or 1.5 speed as I think it is a bit slow for my taste.

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Evelyn Pickard

This books started a bit slowly but once I was into it I absolutely loved it. I feel like these characters are a part of my life now, even after over 50 hours of listening I was shocked when the book came to an end! I can ardly wait to download the next book.

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Oksana Belova

Very professional and entertaining narration of an equally entertaining story!

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Amanda Schomer

Loved this book so much. So sad that I only have one book left. :-( Very well read as well

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Debbie Marsh

I have enjoyed all of the Outlander books and this one was certainly no exception. I am in awe of Gabaldon's ability to write so descriptively and I catch myself physically acting out what she is describing. Being from the western Piedmont of NC and a former history teacher, I particularly enjoyed the plot elements that took place in NC and the accuracy of the historical context in which the story took place. I am also such a Porter fan that when I finish this series, I will look for other books Porter narrates! Bravo!!

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Jennifer Dennehy

Great story, not my favorite in the series still ,entertaining. I love Davina Porter's narration.

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Stephanie wheeler

This book has left many readers hanging into mid air regarding Claire and Jamie. I was not really impressed with this particular books ending.

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Donna Ivy

Great book. Now for the next one, "Written in my Own Heart's Blood".

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Sheila Braun

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??? Great book, but I mean, what a terribly abrupt ending. Is there a next book? I can't seem to find it.

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Teresa K.


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Robin J.

Always an excellent read. The details that Diana goes for and researches is amazing. I see why it takes so long for a book to come out

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Alexis L.

I really am enjoying this story, and while Davina Porter is an excellent narrator, the sound quality of this Audio Book in comparison to (1-6) is quite distorted and muffled. Still completely comprehensible, just I find myself increasing the volume at times. Overall though, I am enjoying this series immensely.

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Connie T.

Excellent book series. Would prefer more meat and somewhat less minutia. Though I keep reading the next book! Don’t care for the narration. Particularly Claire sounds condescending and far too old. Overall though a great read.

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Naomi G.

Im in love this series. I can hardly wait for the 9th book this fall.

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Archie Worsham

One books of my favorite of the series.

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Deborah M.

I am so impressed with both the author and the narrator of the Outlander Series. This is a series that I know I will one day listen to again and that is high praise given the number id great new reads that are always emerging.

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Love Davina Porter. She narrates so well. Her voices are spectacular.

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Ansie N.

this entire series of books are amazing and Davina Porter is a legend

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Margaret c

I have listen to every book and I'm getting ready for the 8 I'm a truck driver and it really does pay to have these books to listen to when I'm going down the road it is so boring out here specially if you get stuck in snow and accident thank you very much

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Tasha L

Can’t not stop with this series!

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Emily T

Absolutely loved it !!!! So many plots .... so much adventure ..... I cried at more than one part .... Diana Gabaldon is an amazing author !!!

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Hillary B

A little slow compared to other books in the series at times, but the end kicked me where it counted and left me NEEDING to know about something that most annoyingly and tantalizingly was left unresolved.

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Wendy B

I have read all of Diana Gabaldon books, and now I'm so enjoying listening to them all.

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Melanie Haggard

Perfect narration, as always from Davina Porter. Harder to follow each subplot in the book but overall love to listen. Can't wait for the next in the series!

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Patricia Chaffee

Love all of her books AND the narration! I have not listened to any of the John Grey series but may once I finish this series

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Debbie Cashman

I personally didn't like jumping around from story to story to story they way this book does. That being said I did enjoy each storyline though. Our favorite narrator once again did an excellent job

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Carol Haas

I absolutely love these books. I listen to them during the drive for work. Helps time pass in traffic. The descriptive writing takes me to the places where Jamie and Claire have their adventures. Still not completed with this book and am looking forward to the next.

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CA Poms

Thoroughly enjoyed the book! Have been listening to all of the audiobooks and find the narrator superb!

An Echo in the Bone
This title is due for release on October 2, 2009.

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An Echo in the Bone
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An Echo in the Bone
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An Echo in the Bone

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