The Echoing Darkness

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
12 hours 19 minutes
Creepy murder mystery that builds suspense into a thrilling conclusion

Stockholm 1954. While investigating the murder of a little girl from the old house at Valley Street 14, the police officer himself is murdered. The case is never solved. In 2017 there is a similar murder in the same place. This time though, PI Jessica Bolton gets involved in the case. But the investigation gets complicated and soon it becomes clear that the old house harbours dark secrets from the beginning of the twentieth century.

These secrets have left their mark both on the house and on the people who have lived and died there.
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Kathi F.

The story ended suddenly with so many things not wrapped up and clues that were never resolved. In the beginning the flipping from one storyline to another time period was too rapid and distracting. It was an interesting story, but a frustrating book.

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Jim K.

Story jumped about too much - lost interest

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Rhonda G.

Very well done!

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