The Eight: A Novel

Written by:
Katherine Neville
Narrated by:
Susan Denaker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2007
25 hours 50 minutes
New York City, 1972–A dabbler in mathematics and chess, Catherine Velis is also a computer expert for a Big Eight accounting firm. Before heading off to a new assignment in Algeria, Cat has her palm read by a fortune-teller. The woman warns Cat of danger. Then an antiques dealer approaches Cat with a mysterious offer: He has an anonymous client who is trying to collect the pieces of an ancient chess service, purported to be in Algeria. If Cat can bring the pieces back, there will be a generous reward.

The south of France, 1790–Mireille de Rémy and her cousin Valentine are young novices at the fortresslike Montglane Abbey. With France aflame in revolution, the two girls burn to rebel against constricted convent life–and their means of escape is at hand. Buried deep within the abbey are pieces of the Montglane Chess Service, once owned by Charlemagne. Whoever reassembles the pieces can play a game of unlimited power. But to keep the Game a secret from those who would abuse it, the two young women must scatter the pieces throughout the world....
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Hiske A.

This amazing book I bought a few decades ago and have re-read it many times...Adventure, mathematics, mysticism, chess, suspence, violence, romance, great heroins and plot twisting till the end. How happy I was to find it here and have enjoyed listening to it as much as reading the book!

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Solid, gripping and intense thriller, better than Dan Brown. Complex storyline that engages your imagination. Reminds me of Indiana Jones. Has strong characters which require focused listening to keep up with the shifting past and present timelines. Narration by Susan Denaker was fantastic. Its a must read for this genre!

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