Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower

Written by:
Brittney Cooper
Narrated by:
Brittney Cooper

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
6 hours 58 minutes
'...Cooper delivers a frank, conversational-style examination of the importance of black female friendships, respectability politics, and harmful stereotypes, among other topics. She blends candor and humor as she roots out toxic behaviors and beliefs we use in America to tear ourselves and each other down, while also offering paths forward. Listeners learn how rage, aimed with fine-tuned focus and purpose, can help build up black women's lives and society overall.' — AudioFile Magazine

With searing honesty, intimacy and humor too, America’s leading young black feminist celebrates the power of rage in this piercing new audiobook.

So what if it’s true that Black women are mad as hell? They have the right to be. In the Black feminist tradition of Audre Lorde, Brittney Cooper reminds us that anger is a powerful source of energy that can give us the strength to keep on fighting.

Far too often, Black women’s anger has been caricatured into an ugly and destructive force that threatens the civility and social fabric of American democracy. But Cooper shows us that there is more to the story than that. Black women’s eloquent rage is what makes Serena Williams such a powerful tennis player. It’s what makes Beyoncé’s girl power anthems resonate so hard. It’s what makes Michelle Obama an icon.

Eloquent rage keeps us all honest and accountable. It reminds women that they don’t have to settle for less. When Cooper learned of her grandmother's eloquent rage about love, sex, and marriage in an epic and hilarious front-porch confrontation, her life was changed. And it took another intervention, this time staged by one of her homegirls, to turn Brittney into the fierce feminist she is today. In Brittney Cooper’s world, neither mean girls nor fuckboys ever win. But homegirls emerge as heroes. This audiobook argues that ultimately feminism, friendship, and faith in one's own superpowers are all we really need to turn things right side up again.

More Praise for Eloquent Rage:

“I was waiting for an author who wouldn’t forget, ignore, or erase us black girls as they told their own story...I was waiting and she has come—in Brittney Cooper.” — Melissa Harris Perry

“Cooper may be the boldest young feminist writing today. Her critique is sharp, her love of Black people and Black culture is deep, and she will make you laugh out loud.” — Michael Eric Dyson
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Holly J.

I enjoyed, appreciate and am grateful for Brittney Cooper’s intelligence, vulnerability, authenticity, analysis, and encouragement illustrated throughout her book. Her closing chapter left me with a flame of hope instead of drowning in hopelessness, and I appreciate that since the barriers Blacks face (and always have) and the magnitude of damage from such barriers can surely more than dampen one’s spirit. I highly recommend this book. Black Girl Magic all day long!!! Proud to be a fellow ‘80 baby, Black woman along with her.

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Laura B.

As a Black woman, I am so grateful to Brittney Cooper for writing such an excellent book for the world and especially for the sisters! This book should be required reading in school. This is truly one of the best books that I've ever read. Many Blessings to you Ms. Cooper, and I look forward to seeing more of you on MSNBC and CNN!

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