Emotional Intelligence 2.0: A Practical Guide To Understanding Your Mind Secrets, Sharpening Your Mental Skills To Perform Better At Work And Improve Your Social Life

Written by:
Daniel Cloud
Narrated by:
Darren Goleman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
2 hours 35 minutes
Do you want to know the secrets of your mind more deeply? Are you interesting in mastering the use of emotional intelligence to live a happier and better life? Then keep listening!
Emotional intelligence is a solid foundation that will allow a person to have the ability to understand their own emotions and those of other people that they may encounter. In today’s corporate world it’s essential that a person knows how to control their emotions in order to climb the corporate ladder of success. People with emotional intelligence seem to have everything figured out because they have mastered the most important thing of all: They have learned themselves.
'Emotional Intelligence 2.0' will reply to all the questions you may have about your emotional quotient, abbreviated EQ. It explores the various aspects of EQ from why we have emotions to why we need them. It explains why emotional intelligence might get you further in life than IQ without necessarily diminishing the crucial role played by book smarts in your life. It also goes to bust the popular myths about emotional intelligence that exists, thus allowing you to distinguish the truths from the misconceptions. In this audio book you will learn:
- What emotional intelligence is, and how it is so important in your daily life;
- How emotional intelligence affects your relationships and private life;
- How to use emotional intelligence to perform better at work;
- How to sharpen your emotional intelligence skills based on your age and your lifestyle.
What are you waiting for? Take your chance to understand where your emotions fit in the overall picture of your life! Buy your audio book now!
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Brittany C.

Excellent content!!

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Very informative and instantly useful! I always wondered how EI workS. I came across this audio-book and immediately felt this was the guide I was looking for. The author has delivered his promises as described. Recommended!

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Marcella J.

Excellent explanation of the studies about Emotional Intelligence and how it is so important to master this skill. I highly recommend it!

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Petra M.

If I had listend to this audio book in the past I would probably have had a much more successful life, especially in social relationships! Essential for life!

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Melania C.

I was not expecting that an audiobook could be that interesting and full of useful information about such complex topic... Recommended

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Thessa J.

This is a complete guide to feel comfortable in your own skin if you are a sensitive and or insightful person.

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I think there is a wealth of information about the subject of emotional intelligence, and also some practical application to increase one's EI.

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Agata D.

The author gives listeners a look into scientific subjects she studied within academia as well as a practical real life guide such as: Learn to differentiate between the "feeler" and the "thinker" within you, Develop behavioral strategies for high external EI for relationships and social setting and much more!

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Martina F.

Best emotional intelligence audio book I have bought so far. Answered many questions, and supplied techniques and practice methods. Recommended

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This is one of the top self-help audio books I have come across. Teaching yourself to engage more positively with those around you helps both yourself and others. I realise now that as a young person I was quite unintelligent (emotionally) while believing I was quite brilliant (intellectually). Additionally, I found the link between financial success and EQ the most interesting fact.

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Anita L.

By far one of the most transformational audio book I ever listened. It taught me a lot about my emotions and my sensibility! Absolutely recommended!

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