Emotional Intelligence and Empath Mastery: A Complete Guide for Self Healing & Discovery, Increasing Self Discipline, Social Skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP, Persuasion & More.

Written by:
Ewan Miller
Narrated by:
Ted Ryan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
6 hours 29 minutes
Do you want to learn how to control your emotions and take control of your life? If so then keep reading…
Do you find that outside influences impact on your communication skills? Do you often feel drained? Do you want to be more positive and communicate more effectively?
Emotional Intelligence and Empath Mastery will show you how to manage your emotions giving you the ability to succeed at work, at home and to build friendships.
In this book, you will discover:
• The best coping strategies for your personal and working life.
• A simple healing trick you can do to stop you feeling drained.
• Why emotional intelligence is crucial to success.
• The one method you can do to develop better communication.
• Learn why some people will fail to improve their emotional intelligence.
• And much, much more.
The proven methods and pieces of knowledge are easy to follow.for you to be able to use these methods to enhance your abilities in your personal and working life.
So, if you want to transform your relationship with others, be more confident and live a happy life, then click the “Buy Now” button to start listening today!
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Andy S.

I a good learning audiobook, I learnt about why we react the how we do and practical implications from this.

Profile Avatar
Donna S.

Practical advice and insight, filled with tools for the emotional and sensitive person to help them in life. An insightful book.

Profile Avatar
Sarah W.

This book has allowed me to better understand my empathy and to feel good about myself. Occasionally I was wanting more information but overall it was informative and well narrated.

Profile Avatar
Ryan B.

A good listen, and you will know if you are empath after listening to this It provides very good practical advice.

Profile Avatar
Kim W.

This book demonstrates the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how to develop it further.

Profile Avatar
Justin C.

Gives a sound advice on improving and enjoying life. Great for everyday use.

Profile Avatar
Jacob O.

Easy to follow and full Interesting and informative information about EI. This was excellent

Profile Avatar
Helene H.

A fascinating audio book is so packed full of ideas that you’ll want to listen and consult with again and again.

Profile Avatar
Amy L.

Probably one of it not the best book I have listened to.

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