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Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible: Empath, Codependency, Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Written by:
Daniel Cloud
Narrated by:
Darren Goleman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
8 hours 8 minutes
Do you want to know the secret that brought millions of people to success? Would you like to:
- cope with stressful situations?
- resolve conflicts?
- communicate well?
- understand how not to depend on others?
Emotional intelligence is one of the most exciting and practical concepts of today’s psychological science. Briefly, emotional intelligence means understanding emotions – both yours and other persons. A well-developed emotional intelligent skill can help everybody, especially if you’re a leader, or aspire to be a leader, or just want to improve your social skills, you must be aware that emotional intelligence is your key quality and you should work at it all the time.
Included in this audio book collection are:
- Empath: A beginners guide to developing your emotional skills and sharpening your sensibility to unlock your full human potentials
- Codependency: How to Detect Toxic Relationships, Discover Narcissistic Personalities, Regain Control of Your Life and Stop Being Dependent On Others
- Emotional Intelligence 2.0: A Practical Guide To Understanding Your Mind Secrets, Sharpening Your Mental Skills To Perform Better At Work And Improve Your Social Life
Can you imagine how your life will look like with a strong emotional intelligence? Are you ready to unlock your full potential to improve your life and achieve the great success you deserve?
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Brittany C.

I have always had trouble understating my emotions till now, but I am sure this audio book will definitely help me! Recommended

Profile Avatar

Best emotional intelligence audio book bible I have found so far. Answered many questions, and supplied techniques and practice methods. Simple, easy to understand and you can easily teach someone the skills in this book. Recommended

Profile Avatar

This audio book was recommended to me from professional study curriculum, it covers mostly on the behind the scenes aspect to master EQ. If you want to know this topic from scratch, this book is a must!

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Petra M.

One of the best emotional intelligence guide ever bought so far. It answered many questions I had since long time, and gave lot of techniques and practice methods. Recommended

Profile Avatar
Melania C.

By far one of the most transformational audio book I ever bought. It can teach you a lot about emotions and sensibility! Absolutely recommended!

Profile Avatar

I am finally seeing and embracing my sensitivities as a gift after using some of the emotional intelligence techniques and energy release methods in this audio book!

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Angelica T.

I have always had trouble understating my Emotions till now, as I am sure this bible audiobook will help me handle with this issue! Recommended

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Agata D.

This audio book should be a must for everyone. The ability to manage emotions, and the ability to cheer up or calm down another person should be a talent everybody has. We all have the task of knowing ourselves as deeply as we can, and then manifesting that self as fully as possible in the world. I am proud I had the chance to listening to it!

Profile Avatar

One of the top self-help audio books I have come across. It made me realise that as a young person I was quite unintelligent (emotionally), and the point is that I believed I was quite brilliant (intellectually). Additionally, I found the link between financial success and EQ the most interesting factor !

Profile Avatar
Martah I.

Excellent addition to your Emotional Intelligence studies. I highly recommend you break out your highlighter and start taking notes BUT don't just listen to it, revisit the great information and act !!!

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