Empath: Techniques and Tips for Beginners and Highly Sensitive People

Empath: Techniques and Tips for Beginners and Highly Sensitive People

Written by:
Camelia Hensen
Narrated by:
Samantha Novak
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
1 hour 53 minutes
This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:



Book 1: Empaths… empathy… sensitivity… what’s the difference?

Some people have developed a knack for feeling compassion or empathy for other people. To others, it comes naturally. And to some, it’s an intense gift that has ups and downs, pros and cons that allow them to help others but also become fatigued when they don’t watch themselves.

Are you an empath? Or do you just have a lot of empathy?

In this guide, you’ll figure out some of the major distinctions, as well as specific types of empaths, like earth empaths, physical empaths, relationship empaths, dark empaths, and food empaths. You will also receive some advice about how to lead your empathic children in the right paths of life.




Book 2: Why are some people empaths?


What is the science behind this?


And why are some empaths more susceptible to addictions?


These and many other questions will be addressed in this brief guide. On top of that, you will learn more about narcissism versus empathy, how to become a more empathetic spouse, the dangers of social media, healing methods for empaths with traumatic memories, and what the difference is between empathic parenting and “rescue” parenting. All of these topics will help you understand empathy, empaths, and yourself better.


This is a great treasure of knowledge about human psychology.
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