Empire: The Novel of Imperial Rome

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Steven Saylor

Narrated By: James Langton

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Date: August 2010

Duration: 23 hours 41 minutes


Continuing the epic story begun in his i>New York Times best-selling novel Roma, Steven Saylor charts the destinies of five more generations of the aristocratic Pinarius family, from the reign of Augustus to height of Rome's empire.The Pinarii witness the machinations of Tiberius, the madness of Caligula, and the decadence of Nero. The deadly paranoia of Domitian gives way to the Golden Age of Trajan and Hadrian - but even the most enlightened emperors wield the power to destroy their subjects on a whim.

Empire is filled with the dramatic, defining moments of the age, including the Great Fire of 64 A.D, Nero's persecution of the Christians, and the astounding opening games of the Colosseum. But at the novel's heart are the choices and temptations faced by each generation of the Pinarii. One becomes the plaything of the notorious Messalina. One becomes the lover of a Vestal virgin. One falls under the spell of Nero, while another is drawn to the strange new cult of those who call themselves Christians.

While the Pinarii struggle for survival, they also search for meaning. Some cling to the worship of the gods who made Rome great. Others explore the mysteries of astrology, follow the teachings of the wiseman Apollonius of Tyana, or celebrate the beautiful youth elevated by Hadrian to the status of a god.

However diverse their destinies, all the Pinarii are united by the mysterious gold talisman called the fascinum handed down from a time before Rome existed. As it passes from generation to generation, the fascinum seems to exercise a power not only over those who wear it, but over the very fate of the empire.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us your ears: listen to another Novel of Ancient Rome.


  • constantlistener

    Each CD just ends. You can't tell right away if it's a pregnant pause in the narration, the end of the cd, or that your player's batteries have run down. I much prefer some sort of signal or announcement that this is the end of the cd. Also, it's not a very good book. Steven Saylor has written some very good books but this rambling "history of the emperors" isn't one.