The End of Everything: A Novel

Written by:
Megan Abbott
Narrated by:
Emily Bauer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2011
8 hours 26 minutes
Thirteen-year-old Lizzie Hood and her next-door neighbor Evie Verver are inseparable, best friends who swap clothes, bathing suits, and field-hockey sticks and between whom—presumably—there are no secrets. Then one afternoon, Evie disappears, and as a rabid, giddy panic spreads through the balmy suburban community, everyone turns to Lizzie for answers. Was Evie unhappy, troubled, or upset? Had she mentioned being followed? Would she have gotten into the car of a stranger?

Compelled by curiosity, Lizzie takes up her own furtive pursuit of the truth. Haunted by dreams of her lost friend and titillated by her own new power at the center of the disappearance, Lizzie uncovers secret after secret and begins to wonder if she knew anything at all about her best friend.
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Roz Gentry

Terrible. I only finished it because someone chose it in my book club.

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kate Freeze

I can't believe this book has such bad reviews on this site! Was this book disturbing? Yes. BUT - it was beautifully written and the story kept you on your toes until the very end. (Honestly, what book about a 13 year old girl that goes missing is not going to be a bit disturbing? C'mon.) If you like mystery - this is a good one.

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Not as bad as everyone is saying..........but thats just my opinion

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Nanette H

This is ABSOLUTELY the worst book ever. Each disc I had to listen to at least twice because my mind would just wander and I had no idea what was going on. The whole story is bizarre and disturbing. I was never so happy to finally have a book be done. I too would have given a minus 5 stars if allowed. Do yourself a favor and skip this.

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I agree with the reviewer that said this started off decently, but it rapidly went downhill. Difficult to listen to, uncomfortable topics, kids too old for their ages, I don't recommend it.

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Cindy S

This book started out decently giving an interesting portrayal of what it might be like to have a best friend abducted. However, it got worse and worse as it went along. Earlier reviews said "annoying". End to me was both annoying, stupid and far fetched. I would not recommend it.

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If there was a minus rating I would pick it for this book. This has to be the worst book I have read in years!

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Joanie B

This is one of the most annoying books I've ever listened to. Don't waste your time. Many more words than needed!

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