Endworld: Citadel Run

Written by:
David Robbins
Narrated by:
Damon Abdallah

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2015
6 hours 40 minutes
THE TIME: 100 years after the mushroom clouds. THE PLACE: What was left of America. THE FAMILY: The last, best hope for the future of mankind. THE TRIADS: The fighting arm of The Family, men and women sworn to kill and die for survival. THE CITADEL RUN: It was a mission of mercy that turned into a run with death as Blade and the Alpha Triad tried to rescue the pathetic remnants of humanity from the festering stinkhole that had once been the Twin Cities. Captured, tortured and marked for \"Reabsorption,\" the Triad had about as much chance to survive as a snowflake in a thermonuclear blast...
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