Endworld: Thief River Falls Run

Written by:
David Robbins
Narrated by:
Damon Abdallah

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2012
6 hours 20 minutes
In what was once America\'s heartland dwell the survivors of the nuclear holocaust that annihilated most of civilization, leaving a scorched land filled with roving bands of vicious outlaws and savage new breeds of deadly creatures. A team of warriors known as the Alpha Triad have vowed to defend the Home, the survivors\' last refuge. Blade, Hickok and Geronimo are all that stand between a tenuous existence and certain death. The Triad\'s latest mission is a trek to the Twin Cities to acquire urgently needed medical supplies. But an attack by renegade soldiers will put to the test all the cunning and skills the warriors possess. If Blade and his team can\'t survive the ferocious battle ahead, there\'s no chance left for anyone back at the Home.
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