English Passengers

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Recorded Books

Date: April 2009

Duration: 20 hours 27 minutes


It is 1857, and Reverend Geoffrey Wilson has departed England to prove the literal truth of the Bible. The expedition heads towards Tasmania, where he is convinced he will find the real Garden of Eden. But the other passengers have their own agendas. Dr Potter is developing a sinister thesis, and the ship is crewed by smugglers of contraband brandy and tobacco. As the English passengers near Peevay's land, their bizarre notions become painfully at odds with reality. Their destination is no Eden but a world of hunting parties and colonial ethnic cleansing. A mighty collision is approaching ...


  • Judith B

    This superb book defeats genre. Action adventure historical fiction with more than a dash of comedy. I reminded me more than a bit of Patrick O’Brien without being in the least derivative. Brilliantly written. Brilliantly narrated. I was so sad to have it end!

English Passengers

by Matthew Kneale

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English Passengers, Matthew Kneale