Written by:
Katy Mahood
Narrated by:
Laura Aikman

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
March 2018
7 hours 56 minutes
‘A wise debut’ Observer

‘A hugely impressive debut’ Stella Duffy

‘Beautifully written’ Hannah Beckerman

‘A really accomplished debut’ Red Magazine

On a hot October day in a London park, Stella sits in her red wedding dress opposite John. Pregnant and lost in thoughts of the future, she has no idea that lying in the grass, a stone’s throw away, is a man called Charlie. From this moment, Stella and Charlie’s lives are bound together in ways they could never imagine. But all they have is a shared glance and a feeling: have we met before?

Entanglement is a bewitching novel of love and sacrifice which explores how our choices can reverberate across the generations, and the sparks of hope they can ignite.
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