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Written By: Linda Fairstein

Narrated By: Blair Brown

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: January 2005

Duration: 5 hours 54 minutes


In Entombed, Alexandra Cooper investigates two cases that seem to have a mysterious link: a series of rapes in an upscale New York neighborhood and a skeleton buried in a Greenwich Village brownstone. The brownstone is the 19th century house where Edgar Allan Poe once lived. When New York University decides to demolish it, workmen find a human skeleton entombed - standing - behind a brick wall. These are the bones of a young woman who died in the last twenty-five years. Who is this woman whose killer seems to have taken a page out of one of Poe's classic stories of premature burial?


  • Ann

    My review is limited to the abridged 5 cd version. I enjoyed it very much but I wonder if the longer version would have kept my interest. I am encouraged to try other books by this author. (Good narrator, also.)

  • Mel

    Completely entertaining - not to mention educational! Great story that makes one anxious for the next in the series. Fairstein's use of New York City locations and history in her novels has made me pull out the maps to find all the places I never knew existed. A big huzza huzza for Entombed!

  • Anonymous

    I expected this story to hold more suspense, history on the connections between Poe's work and the killer, and a little bit of the supernatural or at least unusual. This book did not hold much of any that I expected. The story opens with Alexandra Cooper and her police detective buddies researching a rape case, and in the process, end up also researching a 25 year old murder of a woman who was bricked behind a basement wall alive in the old home of Edgar Allan Poe. The killing bears a resemblence to a Poe story and it is thought that the killer is modeling his murders after other Poe stories as well. The story bounces between the two cases, consumed by constant useless banter between the characters that only fills time/space instead of moving the story further and ends with very little suspense and no twists. Overall, I was very disappointed by this book.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't hold my interest. Maybe the unabridged version is worthwhile.