Written By: Sandra Novel

Narrated By: Olivia Alden

Date: December 2020

Duration: 4 hours 23 minutes


Are you looking for an audiobook of erotica that explores every possible type of orgasm? Tired of looking at Porn?

Look no further!

Enjoy this collection of sinfully delicious erotica tales by Sandra Novel.

These pleasurable sensual tales of love and lust will soak your panties starting right now! This adult erotic audiobook includes many of the hottest titles from best-selling erotic audiobooks.

You are about to enter a new world of forbidden lust, sex, and eroticism that will keep you on the edge as you listen to this adult oriented content that some may deem distasteful, sinful, disgusting, sick or otherwise disturbing!

You’re not just getting a guide on sex. Find that lost intimacy, Don’t wait any longer, buy your copy today!


  • Harvey

    To confusing to read . Cannot keep up with the story Line

  • Ethan G.

    such an array of stories, what ever your favorite is, bdsm, ménage, etc. you wont be disappointed in this book bundle!

  • Gerald R.

    hot hot hot loved it. every story was better than the one before it. def recommended!

  • Roger C.

    I'd listen to the stories I liked best again. They were super sexy and had some kickass characters!

  • Anonymous

    Stories of steaming hot sex! Loved listening to narrator's voice as she read. Made it the stories even stormier!!

  • Jeremy M.

    Yeah, this is a really good listen. Lots of variety. Anyone can find something tasty in this delicious mix!

  • Alan T.

    The narration is almost robotic and a huge turn off. I’ve given up before the end of the first story.

  • Karen L.

    Sex and eroticism are the base of this audiobook! Discover it girls... I loved it!

  • Sarah H.

    Girls... these stories are HOT! I definitely needed something like this during the lockdown... Horny now!

  • Jessica M.

    My husband and I were listening casually to these stories and loved them! Wow... what a moment of pure pleasure! Loved it!

  • Susan R.

    Kinda horny after listening to these sexy stories! What a moment!

  • Barbara D.

    Listening to these stories made me so wet! I frankly needed a new experience! That was new to me and I loved it! Recommened!

  • Elizabeth M.

    Enjoyed the stories, I really liked the tracks and the narrator! What a nice moment during lockdown days! So hot!

  • Linda G.

    Sexy moments to enjoy with your partner! I loved these tales, my boyfriend and I during lockdown were so bored! It helped to discover how to spend some sexy time togheter!

  • Jennifer J.

    I loved the contents... I was really turned on! What a hot moment of audio pleasure!

  • Christopher M.

    My beloved GF loved them.... We started playing new games since a couple of nights.... Lockdown sucks, needed a new stimulation!

  • Charles R.

    Love making process became more hot listening to this sinfully delicious erotica audiobook! So horny with our headphones!

  • Thomas D.

    What a great moment, I really enjoyed listening to these stories with my partner....

  • Chandra D.

    It's a robot voice, people. I can't believe I used one of my credits for this.

  • Michelle O.

    I couldn't believe an audiobook could be that interesting.... Horny right now.... Done for girls...

  • Alberto F.

    Something to listen in the bed.... with some company.... I loved the stories!! My girlfriend was so horny...

  • Veronica M.

    I was looking for hot moments.... and found the good audiobook... wow!! recommended!

  • Pamela S.

    I was referred by a friend and loved these stories!

  • Peter A.

    Sexy stories, listening to them with my girlfriend... New games to try!

  • Marcela J.

    I loved these moments, enjoyed them alone.... Perfect during the evenings...

  • Susy S.

    Literally wet now.... I loved them!

  • Franca S.

    Nearly 4 hours of hot erotic stories.... Wow, I really enjoyed listening to them with my husband! Horny!

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by Sandra Novel

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Erotica Stories for Pleasure, Sandra Novel
Erotica Stories for Pleasure, Sandra Novel
This title is due for release on December 19, 2020.

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Erotica Stories for Pleasure, Sandra Novel
This title is due for release on December 19, 2020
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Erotica Stories for Pleasure, Sandra Novel
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Erotica Stories for Pleasure, Sandra Novel

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