Eschatology: The Theology of Ultimate Hope

Written by:
Harvey D. Egan
Narrated by:
Harvey D. Egan
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
6 hours 22 minutes
Every week, Catholics profess their faith in a "world without end" and "the resurrection of the body. " How can eschatology-the study of the Last Things-strengthen your hope in these beliefs?

Life everlasting lies at the core of Catholic doctrine, and no branch of theology confronts the soul's immortality as powerfully as eschatology. But navigating complex topics like the afterlife and the Book of Revelation can seem intimidating. Contemporary depictions of death and the end times only compound to misconceptions.

Filled with fresh and fascinating perspectives, Eschatology: The Theology of Ultimate Hope gives you the tools to understand the Last Things. Your guide, veteran Boston College professor Father Harvey Egan, will change the way you think about existence, both in this life and beyond it. With his lectures, you will see how eschatology focuses not on doom and gloom-but on a new world of justice, healing, and hope.

An expert on mysticism, Fr. Egan brings an unparalleled knowledge of scripture and spirituality to this audio course. In his riveting lectures, you will explore the historical and biblical context of eschatology as well as the surprising mysticism that marks Jesus' aim of ushering in God's kingdom.

Both timeless and timely, this course is invaluable for 21st-century Christians who wish to understand the afterlife and the philosophy undergirding its reality. You will emerge with renewed hope in the kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.

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