Eva Braun: Life With Hitler

Written by:
Heike B. Gortemaker
Narrated by:
Suzanne Toren

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2011
11 hours 23 minutes
German historian Heike B. GOrtemaker delivers the first comprehensive biography of Eva Braun in this authoritative reassessment of Braun's role in Hitler's life and revealing portrait of the FUhrer and his inner circle. Drawing on newly discovered documents, GOrtemaker carefully distinguishes fact from fiction. 'The first scientifically researched biography to correct the image of the dumb blonde at the side of the mass murderer.'-Spiegel
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I recently finished this book and have since been stuck on how to give it a fair rating and review. I think the best summary is that I was left wanting for more. Although this book is presented as a biography on Eva Braun, as well as her influence within the Third Reich there is a far more substantial thesis to be found. First and foremost the reader must understand that this is not a true biography. It's very clear early on that there is very little substantial information written on Braun. This is not the author's fault. In an effort to fill in the blanks the author instead delves into the wives of some of Hitlers inner circle who were often with Braun. In this regard I believe the author missed what could have truly been an excellent book. She proposes that the women around Hitler her almost as, if not just as complicate as the men. What I believe would have made a far better read is if that had been the focus of the book, instead of Eva Braun exclusively. It feels like a missed opportunity since there isn't a lot of focus on how the Nazi regime was supported by the women. Still, I found the book very interesting. The author did not shy away from presenting Hitler as he was nor did they allow too much bias to leak through their writing. Hopefully the topics of this book will be revisited so there may be more understanding of the roles of the wives within Hitlers inner circle.

Eva Braun: Life With Hitler
This title is due for release on October 25, 2011.

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Eva Braun: Life With Hitler
This title is due for release on October 25, 2011
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Eva Braun: Life With Hitler
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Eva Braun: Life With Hitler

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