Exhale: Lose Who You're Not, Love Who You Are, Live Your One Life Well

Written by:
Amy Carroll , Cheri Gregory
Narrated by:
Amy Carroll , Cheri Gregory

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
6 hours 31 minutes
Move from running-on-empty to spent-and-content.

Exhale is for the woman who is suffocating under the pressures of being all things to all people. The pressure of filling every unfilled spot at church, home, and work. The pressure of trying to do it all right, make decisions that benefit everyone else, and keep everyone happy.

Rather than adding more to your to-do list, in this book Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory show you how to

- lose who you're not

- love who you are

- live your one life well

This isn't a time management book filled with how-to lists and calendar tools. Rather, it walks you through a process that releases you from the things that have created unbearable pressure. Then you'll be free to start investing your life in ways that fulfill the desires of your heart, benefit your people, and bring glory to God.
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