The Expanding Your Mind and Spirit Bundle

Written by:
Martin K. Ettington
Narrated by:
Martin K. Ettington

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
15 hours 28 minutes
This Bundle consists of a group of books which help expand your mind and spirit. Some thoughts and ideas which will cause you to think more about what is real and what is possible. The titles included are:

Ancient & Prehistoric Civilizations-Covers details of civilizations from the recent past to 75,000 years ago. Both cultures and megalithic sites. Man’s civilization has a much greater history than you may have ever considered.

Crazy Strange, and Disruptive Ideas-Many different ideas which are either insane, or just out of the box to incentivize you to consider what you might normally dismiss

The Enlightenment Experience-What is Enlightenment all about? And descriptions of Enlightenment from Those who have experienced it.

God Like Powers and Abilities-The amazing psychic abilities which people develop as a side effect of spiritual development. Instructions on how you can learn many of these things yourself.

Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide-A guide to the historical search for Immortality and how you can learn to live forever yourself.

Humanity and the Universe-We live in an amazing Universe and most of us don’t know the details. Did you know that there are over two trillion galaxies in our Universe? Learn more about our amazing existence.
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