Experiencing the state of immortality without ideation: Ojai 1949 - Public Talk 8

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: M-Y Books

Date: November 2015

Duration: 1 hours 14 minutes


8. Experiencing the state of immortality without ideation - 7 August 1949.

- There is no mind without idea, thought and verbalization.- There is no experiencer and the experience; there is only a state of experiencing.
- One cannot think about immortality. If one can live in the state of onlyexperiencing then there is a state in which ideation has stopped altogether.
- Is it possible to have direct experience of that which is not thinkable and which cannot be put into words?
- Q: Is there a way of knowing what is the truth about myself, without illusion or self-deception?
- Q: Is effort a necessary preliminary to tranquillity?
- Q: I no longer suppress my thoughts and am I shocked by what sometimesarises. Can I be as bad as that?
- Q: Why is it that certain undesirable conditions in oneself do not vanish as soon as they are observed?
- Q: Is the artist or musician engaged in a futile thing?