Extreme Toyota: Radical Contradictions That Drive Success at the World's Best Manufacturer

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Gildan Media

Date: May 2008

Duration: 8 hours 15 minutes


To an outsider, Toyota is hard to understand. The company moves forward gradually while also advancing in big leaps. It is frugal with its resources while spending extravagantly on people and projects. It is both efficient and redundant; it cultivates an environment of stability and paranoia; it is hierarchical and bureaucratic, but encourages dissent; it demands that communication be simplified while building complex communication networks. These contradictions are rampant at Toyota because its culture and managers intentionally embrace contradiction, opposites, and paradox. Granted unprecedented access to the inner workings of Toyota, the authors spent six years researching the company and performing more than 220 interviews with Toyota employees, distributors, and car dealers in order to determine what makes Toyota one of the world's best companies. Extreme Toyota offers an inside look at the radical contradictions within the company, created by its own management, and how these help Toyota outperform its competition. By putting a premium on creativity and paradoxical thinking as a corporate resource, Toyota has become the best car manufacturer and one of the most successful companies on earth. This audiobook takes a fascinating inside look at what makes Toyota tick.


  • Jonathan Malota

    Interesting book. A very good book about why Toyota is such a successful company. It tells of all challenges that Toyota had to overcome in order to be the company it is today. Can get dull in some points but worth the read to anyone interested in business.