The Fae Queen's Warriors

Written by:
Tara West
Narrated by:
Anais Inara Chase

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
8 hours 46 minutes
If the Dragon Defenders can't help me defeat the king, I will slit his throat myself.

I need your oaths, Dragon Defenders, to stand with me against the mad king. He wants me dead. How do I know? He told me when he wrapped his hands around my throat on our wedding night. But I survived, and we have a chance to take him down. Do you stand with me, great defenders of the nation? You who are ruled by no one and stand fearlessly sentinel for us, guarding our country against mighty leviathans? We are the world's only hope, and I need your help to defeat him.

Contains mature themes.
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Margaret S.

Anais Inara Chase does an incredible job of bringing in the characters and emotion so you can feel everything that is happening. This was my very 1st Fae RH and I was hooked. This action packed and full of steam novel will get you hooked from the very 1st page. Three very hulky Dragon Defenders who lust after their best friend's sister only to find out she married their enemy, screams for battle when she should be theirs. Tara takes you on a journey with fighting, abuse, sexual desires, electric chemistry and a battle of the fittest. I highly recommend this book

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Joanna B.

A slow start almost to the point I wanted to quit but it did start to improve as the book went on. Sadly the slow start is why I avoid a lot of fantasy because the set up takes a while to get going. It story is a well weaved tale that I can see having a lot of surprises in store in the next book. It does get much better at the end as well as some heated love scenes. I could do with all out the slobbering but maybe that’s a common phrase from that time lol. Over all though the narrator and the author did a good job of a a medieval fantasy read and I am interested in the next one that I feel will be action packed from the beginning considering where the story left off.

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chad knutson

good book from a different perspective than I would normally listen so it was a refreshing change.

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Not very memorable… came back to write the review but can’t remember what the book was about

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this is an amazing book full of the perfect mix of romance and fantasy best book I've ever heard of I don't say so myself

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Troy B.

Privileged rich part fae girl is supposed to save the kingdom from her husband, a mad king with magically enhanced longevity, and his evil witch with her mutant dragons. However, she seems to spend all her time trying to have sex with with everyone but her husband. I finally had to bail on this one and don't know if it actually finds a plot. The narrator deserves better material, and I never want to hear the word "cock" again unless it is in reference to a rooster or a badminton game.

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