Written by:
Danielle Steel
Narrated by:
Luis Moreno

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2017
9 hours 14 minutes
The perfect book for the holidays: Cinderella set amid the wine-making estates of modern-day Napa Valley, complete with an evil Parisian stepmother. Deeply in love, Christophe and Joy Lammenais built Chateau Lammenais into a small but renowned Napa Valley winery and an idyllic home where they raised their beloved daughter, Camille, who takes on increasing responsibilities for the estate they all treasure. But after Joy's early death from breast cancer just after Camille's graduation from Stanford, a lonely Christophe soon falls prey to the machinations of a sophisticate from his native France-who moves, with her two reprobate sons, to consolidate her power over Camille and the property when Christophe is killed in a plane crash. With a French 'fairy godmother' on the scene, however, the son of a neighboring vintner to assist, and a grand Harvest Ball on the horizon, lovely Camille may make some potent magic of her own..
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Debbie C.

Just ok Build, build, build (blah blah blah) than bam, bam over Very long and a bit slow at tkmes

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Laurie C.

Total drivel! Terrible, cheesy storyline with unbelievably bland and two dimensional characters.

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Brilliant story line read well

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Ronni T.

Is anyone really as stupid and spineless as the main character in this book?

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Just shoot me, never been happy about a book ending except this one. How many ways can you say the same thing??? If you purchase this book you’ll figure it out first hand.

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A bit long and somehow repetitive. The story cathes you and all ends well in fairy tales.

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Kirsten T.

What a complete waste of time. Story was rubbish

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Babara P

Really liked this book. Easy to follow and love happy endings.

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