Faith of My Fathers

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: John McCain

Narrated By: John McCain, Mark Salter

Publisher: Random House (Audio)

Date: February 2008

Duration: 4 hours 50 minutes


John McCain's grandfather was rail-thin, a gaunt, hawk-faced man known as Slew by his fellow officers and affectionately as Popeye by the sailors who served under him. McCain Sr. played the horses, drank bourbon and water, and rolled his own cigarettes with one hand. More significantly, he was one of the navy's greatest commanders, and led the aircraft carrier of the Third Fleet in key battles during World War II.

John McCain's father fallowed a similar path, one equally distinguished by heroic service in the navy as a submarine commander during World War II. McCain Jr. was a slightly built man, but, like his father, he earned the respect and affection of his men. He, too, rose to the rank of four-star admiral, making the McCains the first family in American history to achieve that distinction. McCain Jr.'s final assignment was commander of all U.S. forces in the Pacific during the Vietnam War.

It was in the Vietnam War that John McCain III faced the most difficult challenge of his life. A naval officer, he was shot down over Hanoi in 1967 and seriously injured. When Vietnamese millitary officers realized he was the son of the top commande, they offered McCain early release in an effort to embarass the United States. Acting from a sense of honor taught to him by his father and the U.S. Naval Academy, McCain refused the offer. He was tortured, held in solitary confinement, and imprisoned for five and a half years.

This memoir is the story of what McCain learned from his grandfather and father, and how their example enabled him to endure these hard years. It is a story of three imperfect men who faced adversity and emerged with their honor intact. Ultimately, Faith of My Father is a story of fathers and sons, what they give each other and what endures.


  • Jean

    I knew that McCain's Father and Grandfather were Navy men but I had not known that his family were Army before that all the way back to G. Washington's staff. This was a very interesting story and McCain read it in a matter of fact voice. Did not feel he was bragging at any time. He is an interesting man who has been tested to the max and came out as a honorable man. A must read for everyone.

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  • Traci

    This started off rocky for me. I didn't really understand the first combat scene. After that I really got into it. John McCain is an amazing, honorable man, but he doesn't build himself up, he just tells it like it was and is very humble.

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  • Katrina

    This book on the whole was very good the only part I had trouble with was in regards to his grandfather and the battles , during that time I was confused and skipped over a good part of it. The rest of the book was great ,How can men do these terrible things to each other. Senator McCain was very honest and I hope there is a part two in the works for this book.

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  • Joseph Schleimer

    However you felt about the Vietnam War, you will wind up admiring John McCain after reading (listening to) his book. With humility, self-criticism and without a trace of self-pity he speaks of his own shortcomings as a student at Annapolis, his eagerness to participate in a war, and even the weakness which led him to ultimately sign a fake "confession" while a POW. At the end, however, you know this is a man of the highest virtue, and his willingness to illuminate his own failures merely makes him that much more of an icon for the rest of us to emulate. Too many politicians speak about "values" as a hollow political slogan. This man knows the meaning of the word.

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  • Pyffe

    Good book. Lots of information about McCain's background including details of his time as a POW. Senator McCain's love of the USA, his dedication to it, and his family history of defending it are all described. We are given a unique glimpse into the psyche of the man, not just a flat recitation of what happened to him and other POWs in the various prison camps. The media tends to depict POWs and returning war soldiers as having certain mental "issues". It is clear from his writing that Sen. McCain's mind remains clear and his purpose focused. This is the story of a truly remarkable man.

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  • Mike Rhodes

    Wow... an amazing, powerful story, especially when read by the man himself!! We need a congress full of John McCains!!

  • George Lewis

    Fantastic book! Unbelievable story! I am in awe of this man! Should be president.