The Fallen

The Fallen

Written by:
Justin Fox
Narrated by:
Todd Clarke
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
1 hour 42 minutes
What Happens to the Fallen?

Nobody Asks!

Nobody tells!

Perched on a mountain above the village of ‘Ames Perdue’ (Lost Souls) in the French Countryside, in an abandoned monastery Lives Peter. Peter was once called James but that was long ago in another life. He leads a solitary life high up in the fresh air alone with his thoughts his only companion’s, are his animals and the occasional visitor mainly women who climb to the top if the mountain for reasons unknown to him and spend time there before returning to the world below. Peter hides a dark secret, he is a runaway from the army, hence his change in name and identity, he believes the world thinks that he is dead, and he is happy to leave it that way. He visits the Village below where he finds like minded people of all nationalities and stations in life living harmoniously, everyone there has their own secrets and it is considered impolite to ask about a person’s background, in Ames Purdue everything is in abundance and people are happy. Peter though lonely is happy, then one day his world is brought crashing down with the arrival of a young woman named Sarah.
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