Written By: Dean Koontz

Narrated By: Stephen Lang

Date: January 2007

Duration: 21 hours 23 minutes


It's a fear more paralyzing than falling. More terrifying than absolute darkness. More horrifying than anything you can imagine. It's the one fear you cannot escape, no matter where you run...no matter where you hide. It's the fear of yourself. It's real. It can happen to you. And facing it can be deadly.

Fear for your mind.


  • Stephanie B.

    agreed it is too long and you might loose interest at times, narrator awesome!

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  • Deb

    What can I say? It’s Dean Koontz! He puts so much energy in his stories that it really doesn’t matter which book of his you’re reading! If it’s a Dean Koontz book, you will NOT be disappointed!’

  • Brook O

    Book is great but the narration lacks any kind of variation in characters. Narrator is very Monotone and does not capture the emotion of the story. Almost stopped listening

  • kelly burt

    I love how Koontz takes the implausible and totally possible together to bring a gripping thriller! I also love the narrator Stephen Lang. He's one of the best by far!

  • Robin C

    I generally like Dean Koontz books a lot! And I think he's a great writer. But this story was just unrelentingly dismal--really too intense and very unpleasant. I just couldn't finish it. Life is difficult enough that I can't spend my time with such a depressing book.

  • Maria Quinionez-Sheehan

    The story was really good, some of it was obvious, but it was still good. I really lived the narrator, he did an awesome job and I would love to hear more by him.

  • sgw

    I love the way Dean Koontz writes - even when things start getting wilder and wilder (and they do here, with a plot that keeps gathering steam and getting progressively crazier), his characters are always intriguing and most of them very likeable. They're very well-drawn, even the more marginal ones that only appear in a very few scenes. A bit long, perhaps, but really enjoyed reading this!

  • Christy

    This was a great book. Really creepy bad guy, and as always,loveable main characters who you really feel for.

False Memory

by Dean Koontz

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False Memory, Dean Koontz
False Memory, Dean Koontz
This title is due for release on January 9, 2007.

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False Memory, Dean Koontz
This title is due for release on January 9, 2007
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False Memory, Dean Koontz
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False Memory, Dean Koontz

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