The Family Business 5

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2020
8 hours 54 minutes
New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber and Essence bestseller La Jill Hunt return with a story of love, betrayal and racism in the next addition to the wildly popular Family Business series.

From the time he was a boy in Georgia, LC Duncan, patriarch and leader of the Duncan clan, has battled racism. Even now that he and his family are truly successful, the racism can still be in-your-face. Maybe it’s the political climate or perhaps it’s just bad timing, but LC and the rest of the Duncans are being challenged by the ultimate power-hungry racist, Sheriff KD Shrugs.

Nevada Duncan is at that age when girls and sex are always on his mind. His handsome face and superior intellect attract Kia, the beautiful “Blasian” call girl who tempts him into running away to a place where the Duncans are definitely not wanted—El Paso, Texas, the home of KD Shrugs.

What is the worst thing that can happen to a handsome, rich millennial? Rio Duncan would say it’s mistaken identity after being beat down in a nightclub by someone who thinks he’s Roman Johnson, a stickup kid who happens to be Rio’s doppelganger. What happens next will open up the biggest can of worms the Duncans have ever had to deal with.

Get ready for another roller coaster ride with the Duncan family.
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Rozilyn W.

Gotta love The Duncan’s

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A W.

The book isn't better than the TV Series that was on BET..but it IS an interesting read/listen..I feel that Treasure Hernandez would've made the storyline a little better..(read/listen to Life of a Pimp)..this is NOT a book to read if you're looking for adventure..but it is a sleep or Saturday afternoon cleaning MAY be the MAY be because I've seen the TV series of this..but I just don't love these books..however!!?? I DO like them..not worth the FULL PRICE..but it's worth the BOOK CLUB price..(laughing) always..thank you all..Peace and Blessings.. A-Weapons Mid-Lyfe Music

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Great Book! I love the family business series.

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